Clark Kerr - Building 12


i miss you too! and by you i mean cock.


Damn, i miss you guys.
and whoa, the blogger posting site is all nice now.
fuck dd i guess. definitely poor substitute.

its not

805 685 1799.

its close though, right?

gaem tiem bithc. sgod sdamit.


p.s. i forgot ur cell# and comie boy not responding on im. damin t. i feeld like typing shity.y. hahaha funh. 1 base

my bad ryan.

pieceo f shit computer nearly lit on fire.

tablet pc piece of shit.


hooooooooooooooooly cow. i lost that whole frickin post. i could write that poo all over again. but i wont. to summarize

i bought frozen throne legit

ok there was other stuff i wrote too. i dont really remember though. really. god my life sounds sad.

o ya there was one more thing i remember now.

fuck dd


p.s. u want ass sex. dd is a poor substitute for nikolais asshole.

fucking arabs and bucketheads. hope you're beating plenty of women there, as a real korean should. thanks for the package. i'm getting ass packed by frozen throne. o ya and fuck dd... i hope... UP DA BUTT. wait, not up the butt, but i'll take whatever i can get.

what the fuck. how about a hey charlie, how was your flight. or a hey charlie, i hope your flight didn't get hijacked by some crazy terrorist. or hey charlie, i hope there werent any arabs on your flight. that was fucked up i dunno but i feel racist being in korea and not being around all you fucking cornfeds.

ok so i'm playing warcraft in a korean pc cafe type place. and yes ryan i sent ur fucking package. i got raped on the shipping at the airport. the fucker wanted to charge me 25 dollars to fedex your shit. but i did usps instead and it still cost me 8, although that shit dont cost more than 3 at a real post office. fucker. i sent it from sf so you should have it by now.

all right. i just feel good lookin at all this english. time for some warcraft, or as the koreans say...


i dont know what the hell that is. fuck you. fuck dd.

hey charlie if u get this from korea, did u send my package?