Clark Kerr - Building 12

Damn, i miss you guys.
and whoa, the blogger posting site is all nice now.
fuck dd i guess. definitely poor substitute.

its not

805 685 1799.

its close though, right?

gaem tiem bithc. sgod sdamit.


p.s. i forgot ur cell# and comie boy not responding on im. damin t. i feeld like typing shity.y. hahaha funh. 1 base

my bad ryan.

pieceo f shit computer nearly lit on fire.

tablet pc piece of shit.


hooooooooooooooooly cow. i lost that whole frickin post. i could write that poo all over again. but i wont. to summarize

i bought frozen throne legit

ok there was other stuff i wrote too. i dont really remember though. really. god my life sounds sad.

o ya there was one more thing i remember now.

fuck dd


p.s. u want ass sex. dd is a poor substitute for nikolais asshole.

fucking arabs and bucketheads. hope you're beating plenty of women there, as a real korean should. thanks for the package. i'm getting ass packed by frozen throne. o ya and fuck dd... i hope... UP DA BUTT. wait, not up the butt, but i'll take whatever i can get.

what the fuck. how about a hey charlie, how was your flight. or a hey charlie, i hope your flight didn't get hijacked by some crazy terrorist. or hey charlie, i hope there werent any arabs on your flight. that was fucked up i dunno but i feel racist being in korea and not being around all you fucking cornfeds.

ok so i'm playing warcraft in a korean pc cafe type place. and yes ryan i sent ur fucking package. i got raped on the shipping at the airport. the fucker wanted to charge me 25 dollars to fedex your shit. but i did usps instead and it still cost me 8, although that shit dont cost more than 3 at a real post office. fucker. i sent it from sf so you should have it by now.

all right. i just feel good lookin at all this english. time for some warcraft, or as the koreans say...


i dont know what the hell that is. fuck you. fuck dd.

hey charlie if u get this from korea, did u send my package?

damn dude ur rough. she'd kick your ass... no really she's a scrapper, she'd really kick your ass. it's a little intimidating.


o ya one of the things i was workign on was one of these. i can have one of these on my webpages. by "these" i mean these little blog things. i need to iron out a few kinks but i could do it if i wanted. isnt that cool.


p.s. fuck dd!

o god its 5:53 mountain standard time. my mom just woke up and went to the gym. i have been working all night on the best webpage ever.! you gotta see it to believe it. it's pretty fucking dope even I do say so myself.

I wasn't originally supposed to do it but the fucker who was flaked. But I learned a lot this time around. I try new shit every time.

God its so fucking beautiful I can't stand it.


p.s. fuck dd!

1:45... I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 hour and 38 minutes later

god damnit, its 1:30 and still talking to DD. mother FUCKER!

back home yay ryans right nikolai is gonna rent a cardboard box on telegraph that fucker

you might be in cal but you won't be able to rent shit, but best of luck to you anyways. charlie you fucking cock sucker, learn to type shitfacetwatasscornholemotherfuckerbitch. hope you're getting shitty even though you're with your parents. paris is a fun place to drink a lot. enjoy it. o ya, just got back from san diego camping trip where i drank quality beer all day and tried to learn how to surf... didn't work out so well. over and out.

Damnit, you think if you're in europe you can type like a european! Thanks for preserving the shotglass btw, i'm gonna be in cal next week, renting something, if you're there call me 626 840 7605

yeah i havve it. im writing from an airpprt in ortuga. i mnea portugal. keyboard eats big dick. so yeah o that funn ryan! who gives a shit about your heallth worker shit. i said tahts funny beause i thought you were talng aout the 10 - ay fee bu then i read it andd its abut frat so fuck you. its off to paris from here. screw orea and i thin k i taeksemester ini paris sounns bnn. ciao from porto, portugal!

Heyo charlie,

Do you know what happened to my shotglass? if not it's all good, just wondering.

O GOD i'm soooo fucked. that bitchass from the tang center in charge of health workers emailed our president telling him that out house needs a health worker. hmmm, i think i'm fucked considering that i flaked out and didn't tell anyone in the house that i didn't get the health worker position, or that matter, didn't even show up to my interview.

4th of july was fucking dope.